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June 20, 2017

June Business of the Month

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.37.46 AMKathy Killebrew, CCCE, CAPPA

Why Kathy Killebrew?

Birth. It’s one of the most crazy amazing experiences in a woman’s life!! I say crazy amazing, because let’s be honest, there’s a lot of uncertainty. You can’t see what’s going on inside, you sometimes feel movement, sometimes feel pain, sometimes feel tired, and a whole lot of other things! But through it all, we know one thing, that our body is always right, and we were meant to do this!!!

As a first time mom, I had a lot of questions of course. 

What would birth really feel like?

How long could it potentially last?

How would I know labor was starting?

Thankfully, I knew better then just turning to “google,” and knew exactly where I could get the BEST support.

I had first met Kathy of Imagine Your Birth over 6 years ago, and from the minute we met, I knew I would utilize her services one day in the future.  The summer of 2015, I did just that, and I am and will be forever grateful for the incredible wealth of knowledge and support I received. 

Too many times I have spoken to Mamas after their deliveries, and heard, “I wish I would have known this!”  Well Mamas, and Dads, you can know more!! You can know a whole lot more.

Do yourself a favor, and make your birth experience exactly like you want it to be! Educate yourself!

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