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August Business of the Month

Rest Farmhouse Inspired Why Rest Farmhouse Inspired? Food, food, and more food … wait and coffee too!! As many of you know, Dr. Chris and I LOVE to find awesome new coffee shops, and good …

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June Business of the Month

Kathy Killebrew, CCCE, CAPPA Why Kathy Killebrew? Birth. It’s one of the most crazy amazing experiences in a woman’s life!! I say crazy amazing, because let’s be honest, there’s a lot of uncertainty. You can’t …

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May Business of the Month

Maia Caravantes Why Maia? Who doesn’t love a new fresh haircut, or some awesome color added to their locks? At Innate, we sure love getting our hair done … and all love going to one …

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March Business of the Month

One Stop Paleo Shop Why One Stop Paleo Shop? By now, you’ve probably all figured out how much we love food.  Even more so, we love delicious, healthy, Paleo food!! This is exactly why …

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