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Why Dr. Chris Became a Chiropractor

Hey Innate Family,┬áDr. Chris here, and I was asked a couple times in the last few weeks why I became a chiropractor. Some of you may know the story, but most probably don’t and it …

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Natural Healing Through Chiropractic – Innate Family Chiropractic Pasadena, CA

In this video you’ll discover how the body is always right! Yes, that’s correct, your body is always doing the right thing for you. Is it always convenient? Heck no! But it serves a purpose. …

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Baby’s First Food

Dr. Adana discusses the sometimes controversial topic of baby’s first food. Everyone’s got an opinion on what the first food should be and when it should be. Dr. Adana has her own thoughts and they …

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Chiropractic During Pregnancy

Dr. Adana, Pasadena Chiropractor, discusses the importance of chiropractic during pregnancy. She and Dr. Chris are certified pregnancy chiropractors. From a pain free pregnancy, to a properly positioned baby, chiropractic is your answer. Dr. Adana …

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What to Focus on When Your Child Has a Fever

Dr. Adana of Innate Family Chiropractic describes the best thing to focus on when your child has a fever. And it may surprise you, but temperature is not it.

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Natural Solution to Colic

Chiropractic care is the best natural option for your baby with colic. in this video, Dr. Adana shares about how a Pediatric Chiropractor can help your child suffering from colic. She discusses an example a …

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Children with Constipation

Children with Constipation Constipation can make your child unhappy, uncomfortable, and in some cases, even make them afraid to use the bathroom. Because of that, Dr. Adana made this video discussing constipation in children and …

I Said No...Now What?

I Said NO…Now What?

Rest is an essential part of our health. If we’re running our engine non-stop with no rest how can we expect our bodies to be healthy? In this video Dr. Chris talks about what to …