What we do

Chiropractic for Familes

We put the word “Family” in our title for a reason, we really do take care of entire families. Yes, we...

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Chiropractic for Kids

"Why Would a Child Need Chiropractic Care?" This is a question that we hear quite often and we fully understand why...

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Chiropractic for Pregnancy

You might have noticed that chiropractic care is becoming an important part of birth preparation for many pregnant women these...

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Insight Scans

Insight Subluxation StationUtilizing the latest technology we are able to accurately measure the health of your nervous system. At Innate...

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The Chiropractic Family Clinic in Pasadena, CA

about our practice

Innate Family Chiropractic was established in 2010 in Pasadena, CA and has been the leading family chiropractic practice in the community ever since. Both Dr.Chris and Dr.Adana are certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) to practice the Webster Technique. Additionally they are certified Pediatric Chiropractors by the National Wellness Foundation. They specialize pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care.

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Recent Blog Posts

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My Doctor Said I’m Fine, But I Still Have This Problem

Far too often we’ve sat down with a person for their initial consultation and they tell something like this…”My doctor ran blood tests and did an MRI and they told me that nothing is wrong, yet I still have XYZ …

Constipation Thumb

Children with Constipation

Children with Constipation Constipation can make your child unhappy, uncomfortable, and in some cases, even make them afraid to use the bathroom. Because of that, Dr. Adana made this video discussing constipation in children and how chiropractic adjustments can be …


January Business of the Month

Nicola Borland Photography Why Nicola Borland Photography? Because Nicola is awesome! We started our relationship with Nicola in a very businessy way…headshots for our website. After that first session it became clear that Nicola was more than just a business …

I Said No...Now What?

I Said NO…Now What?

Rest is an essential part of our health. If we’re running our engine non-stop with no rest how can we expect our bodies to be healthy? In this video Dr. Chris talks about what to do once you’ve carved out …