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30 Day Affirmations Challenge with Dr. Adana

30 Days of Affirmations Challenge Video Transcript

Hello Innate! Dr. Adana and this week’s tip is one of my favorites and it is all about positive affirmation for your health. So you’ve obviously heard us talk about affirmations a ton. If you haven’t seen these affirmation cards, we have them out almost every day. I created that whole deck, but the same way that we focus on affirmations kind of for our mind, we have to remember to focus on for our health.

Because guess what your body’s always right, and your body’s always listening if you walk around all day long wa waing that you’re unhealthy that you’re gonna get sick. Oh my God, don’t come near me. Well, guess what? Your body is going to listen to that. I’ll tell you a secret you will get sick and you will have like a freakout moment. Why because you’re treating yourself like you’re weak you’re not feeding yourself the phenomenal words and the great affirmations that you’re healthy.

You’re strong that you can take on whatever it is. And don’t forget just as you get sick doesn’t mean your body’s weak, that just means your body’s having a reaction. So now what do you get to do going forward you get to tell it that it’s going to be great? You guys can tell that it’s going to heal that it’s going to do everything in its capability to make you even healthier this time around. So what we’re going to do for the next 30 days on our other Instagram, which is my coaching and affirmation page.

It’s called Coffee and Mindset. Every single day for 30 days, we’re going to post an affirmation, and every single day, we’re going to give you suggestions on how to use this affirmation. Sometimes it might be just reading them quietly to yourselves. Sometimes a suggestion might be to pass it along to somebody else but most importantly the next 30 days you are going to hone in on telling and feeding your body the best positive statements around and I guarantee you, you’ll come out healthier 30 Days from now.

So, check out Coffee and Mindset on both Instagram and Facebook. You will see a daily affirmation posted. And for those of you that are going to stay engaged, you will see a little giveaway for your own affirmation deck at the end of those 30 days. Have a rocking 30 and let’s read you an affirmation. I am Lively I walk around beaming with energy and inspiration. Bye guys!

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