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Halotherapy in Pasadena

happy woman with arms out in mountainsIf you suffer from respiratory issues, such as asthma, allergies, or frequent colds and flu, you may be interested in trying halotherapy. Halotherapy is a natural therapy that involves breathing in salt aerosols to improve respiratory function and alleviate symptoms.

At our practice, we offer sessions in our sauna. The sauna is a standalone unit, equipped with a halotherapy machine that emits salt particles into the air. This method ensures that clients can inhale as much salt as possible, optimizing the effectiveness of the treatment.

What Is It?

Halotherapy is derived from the Greek word halo, meaning salt. It is an alternative therapy that uses salt to promote healing and improve respiratory function. The process involves breathing in microscopic salt particles, which have natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

When inhaled, salt particles can help to clear mucus and reduce inflammation in the respiratory system.

How Does It Work?

The machine emits salt particles into the air. These particles are small enough to be inhaled into the lungs, where they work their magic. As the salt particles make contact with the respiratory system, they help to break up mucus, reduce inflammation, and kill harmful bacteria. The result is improved respiratory function and relief from symptoms.


What to Expect During a Session

During your first visit, we will get you set up in the sauna and provide you with instructions for the session. You can wear whatever clothing you feel comfortable in, as the therapy does not require any specific attire. Once inside the sauna, you will begin breathing in the salt particles. The machine emits salt at two different speeds, allowing you to choose a slower or faster rate of salt delivery. We recommend starting with the slower speed to gauge your body’s reaction.

Most patients find the session relaxing and enjoyable. You can bring a book or your phone to pass the time, as there are no restrictions on activities during the therapy. After the session, you may experience some drainage or clearing of your sinuses. This typically happens a few hours after the therapy, so it may be beneficial to schedule your session after work or at a time when you can relax at home.

We’re proud to offer halotherapy sessions for $15 per session. Insurance billing may be available, but we recommend checking with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.

Learn More Today

We’d love to talk with you and help you learn about how this therapy could help you. Contact our practice today to book an appointment or ask for more information at your next visit!


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