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Are You Flipping The Bottle Around?


Hey guys. Dr. Chris here and next week Tuesday, March 30th, 6 p.m. Is our Chemical Toxicity Workshop. I’m going to drop a little tip here in that realm because I’ve been asking you those of you that have signed up. When I see you in the office. You know, what are you hoping to learn? One mom asked me yesterday about food, specifically how to assess whether or not she should eat something so I gave her some tips one of the big things though is to Look at the ingredients like she literally did was she pulled out of her purse this like protein style bar and asked me if this is this?

Okay, and she was you know the kind of unsure so I open a little flap started going through the ingredients with her and it wasn’t too bad. It wouldn’t be my first choice by any means, but it wouldn’t be at the bottom of the list either but it had some fillers some synthetic things that you just wouldn’t want to put in your body and it’s it was something that was marketed. I don’t remember the brand is something that was marketed as healthy for you. So this comes up a lot in things that are supposedly healthy that other ingredients are snuck into the finished product that you don’t want in your system.

I’ll give you another example with supplements with this is when we see all the time and these come from you know, lower-quality manufacturers some that are like the Target brand the Costco brand Nature Made is a is one that’s in this category as well and others where you turn around the ingredients of a supplement that let’s say it should just be fish oil or should just be vitamin D and you see all these other things that were added into it as fillers as preservatives things that just hold the shelf life if it’s going to be you know in a retail setting for a long time. We don’t like those sorts of things and then we get into the debate of you know, is it better than nothing.

Well, it really depends on what you’re sensitive to and what’s going into your system, but we should be looking at these ingredients for all of these, you know, quote-unquote healthy products. So if you turn around your supplement bottle and it has all these other things that don’t seem like they should be part of the vitamin or the mineral or whatever it is. You’re taking type them in like Google it. What is this? You know, what do you know soy lecithin? Why is it in my, you know, such and such supplement?

Why are you know there are so many a lot of them are soy products when their fillers but start to look them up. And if not, and if it’s too much bring them in bring your bottles, and just lay them out and we’ll start to look at what’s good. What’s bad what to get rid of because the other part of that if you see some supplements that happens a lot with multivitamins if you see a supplement that’s like got twelve hundred percent of your daily vitamin B, for instance, that is a clear-cut sign that that is synthetic. Product. You don’t want that you want food-grade food quality supplementation going into your system.

You don’t want that synthetic stuff. Don’t inadvertently toxify yourself by doing something, you know trying to do something good for yourself. So if you got questions about it, I encourage you please come to the workshop. We’re going to go over that and so much more and if you want to just start bringing in supplements with you bring them in we’ll turn the labels over or text them to his text a picture to Innate the phone number that usually used to text, text that picture of the label. We’ll look it up and we’ll give you our feedback. Hope that helps start looking at those ingredients and let’s get that system of yours cleaner and cleaner every day. So you guys, Bye.

If you have any questions you would like answered, please don’t hesitate to contact Innate Family Chiropractic today!