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Are You Ready for This?

Good morning Innate Family, Dr. Adana here :)

I’ve taken over this week’s tip, and I promise it’s all for good reason.

I’m here to tell you some fabulous and exciting news about our Innate Family … it’s growing!! Dr. Chris and I are expecting our first baby…woohoo!!!

I am 21 weeks along, and the baby is due around May 18th. (We all know that that’s just a date, and Baby Vargas will be here when he/she is here.) We are so excited to be sharing this news with you, and we appreciate all of your love and support!!

Please feel free to ask me whatever you want! I have had an awesome pregnancy so far, and have definitely changed some things up with my lifestyle. But I am still eating well, I am still working out, doing Crossfit at least 3x a week, and keeping my body moving! I am here as a resource for anything you may want to know :) I promise I will be making some videos soon and even giving you sneak peaks to my workouts. (The first video is down below!)

Have a great Monday, and I look forward to seeing you all in this week.

PS … it’s still early, but we’ll be playing a game in April for Baby Vargas. Dr. Chris and I are going to wait to see what the baby’s gender is, so put your guessing hat on. You will be guessing the gender, the weight, and the due date!!