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Asthma Improvements Due to Chiropractic Care

Chris Before Chiropractic Care:

Chris was diagnosed with Asthma he was constantly coughing and even went to the Emergency Room 5 times because it got so bad. He had to use an inhaler all the time. And even though his parents didn’t want to go down this route, he started taking steroids to deal with it all.

Chris After Chiropractic Care:

Chris has been able to get off of the steroids! He has dramatically reduced all medications! And there has been measurably less inflammation of the throat and lungs as reported by he respiratory doctor! Additionally Chris didn’t get sick at all during the summer months, which was a huge change from last year. Lastly, Chris’s coughing has been dramatically reduced.

Our Approach to Asthma

The results Chris has experienced started with a careful assessment of his nervous system function. After seeing his thermal and EMG scans (find out more about those here) it was apparent that the nerve signals to his lungs were abnormal. So we began the process of correcting the signal quality through specific chiropractic adjustments. 

Like any person we work with it took some time to get momentum but in a relatively short order of time, Chris’s body started responding and improving. His breathing function was improving, his cough was reducing, and he was releasing his dependency on medication. 

It may seem like simple adjustments cannot possibly create this change, but its absolutely the case. The efficiency with which our brain is able to send signals to our body is paramount to our health. In Chris’s case we measured that the signals were off and it was manifesting as asthma. So did we as his chiropractors cure his asthma? No. What we did was improve the health of his nervous system. From there, his body was able to properly self-heal and self-regulate in order to show the improvements in function. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how chiropractic care can help you or your child, please contact our office.