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August Business of the Month

Why Rest Farmhouse Inspired?

Food, food, and more food … wait and coffee too!!!

As many of you know, Dr. Chris and I LOVE to find awesome new coffee shops, and good organic local restaurants. Last year, we found an awesome spot in Montrose called Rest Farmhouse Inspired that had a ton of our favorites, all in one!

Rest is a great little spot that offers traditional, local, and seasonal Paleo and Gluten free goodness. Their menu ranges from awesome breakfast choices, delicious lunch options, and they even have ready made dinners for you to take home.  There is no way we ever leave Rest without a Maple Butter Coffee and whatever awesome gluten free and paleo desserts they’ve got that day.  We know that when we eat at Rest, we never have to worry about the quality of the food, or how our stomach will feel after. 

As if their delicious menu items weren’t enough, they also offer great cooking classes, carry a fridge full of treats and different foods to take home like cultured yogurt, bacon, frozen treats, and also have a wonderful shop where you can buy your favorite chef some great specialty items.

Check them out next time you’re in Montrose. You won’t regret it!