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You're Not A Baby Cow!


What’s up, Innate VIPs! Dr. Chris here and you are not a baby cow. That’s the topic of this video today. We’re going to pick on Dairy. The reason why I say you’re not a baby cow is that you don’t need cow’s milk, baby cows do. You’re not a baby cow. If you are and watching this, I’ve got some follow-up questions, but I’m going to assume you’re a human being and you don’t need Dairy. You don’t need cow’s milk. But we eat it including us at times. We’re not heavy on it.

Definitely don’t drink milk, but we’ll have the occasional cheese. So let me break a couple of things down. If you follow the Weston A Price Foundation and their style of eating which we love are very similar to paleo. There’s a lot of very close, you know, parallel principles there they go with dairy but in the raw form, which I’m on board for if we’re going to have it. Let’s have it raw. And here are the reasons why. Pasteurization is no good for that Dairy as a food product. So, you know to touted as we’re going to use it to like kill the germs right and make it last longer and blah blah blah.

Well in that process they heated up they flash pasteurize it which Heats it hundreds of degrees. I don’t know the exact I think is 400 something but they heated a heck of a lot in that process it breaks the proteins in the milk, okay broken proteins going into your body when you consume it your body doesn’t want that your body’s like Nah, like, step back. This is not for me. I don’t want broken proteins all up in my system. So your body tries to kick it out. So any kiddos or adults that are very like mucusy and congested dairies got to go that’s oftentimes. One of the signs that the body’s trying to get rid of that broken protein substance going into your body when you have it raw.

Well guess what proteins are intact they can be used as nutrition. They can be used as fuel. So if we’re gonna kick it out entirely do it go for it. Lots of Alternatives from almond milk coconut milk oat milk cashew milk, and there’s you know cleaner versions and then there’s like junkie ones alike. Say almond drink coconut drink, whatever. They usually have a lot of fillers and preservatives and gums so we can Talk about that later, but just know there are lots of Alternatives but if you’re going to have it Go raw organic pastures here in California is the best one Whole Foods does not sell it sprouts do there are also some smaller markets that do over here in Pasadena Culture Club 101. They’ve got it Grassroots over in South pass or if you’re down east of us.

San Dimas has a great store called Vitamin City that we shop at as well, and they’ve got organic Custer’s products as well and they’ve got cheese creams milk. Do you name it? They’ve got a ton so you can go that way because we want we don’t want your food to be inflammatory and dairy isn’t is one that sneaks into so many people’s diets. Sometimes not even in Dairy form like they’re not necessarily drinking a glass of milk, but it’s in this in this product or this is one of the ingredients in there.

So I would say kick it out entirely. I’m gonna just say I’m blessed because I don’t ever really crave it like I don’t crave cheese or milk or anything. I know some people are big cheese folks I can do without it But if you’re of that, you know craving go raw, you could find it. It’s pretty easy to find and make that swap. So because you’re not a baby cow, let’s clean up that dairy in your diet. You got any questions to respond to this email. You can just reply or post a question underneath this video, and I’ll answer those questions for you. See you next time. Bye guys.

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