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Breathing Issues Resolved with Chiropractic Care

Zion Dealt with Serious Breathing Issues

When Zion first arrived in our office, the best way I could describe him was defeated. He was a young boy who just wanted to be able to breathe normally. It’s something that most of us completely take for granted, but for Zion this ongoing issue was really altering his experience in life. I clearly remember asking him what his goals were under chiropractic care, and without hesitation, he said he wanted to play basketball again.

Now it wasn’t the words, but it was the tone in which he said it. He said it as if he had been beaten. He had tried to play the sport he loved, but couldn’t. He’d take medicine in an attempt to remedy the situation, but again no luck. So here he was, at a chiropractic office with doctors who showed him some colorful scans of his nervous system.

But really, who cares…

Those things didn’t matter in that moment. He just wanted to play basketball.

That night on our drive home I told Dr. Adana that we were going to get him playing basketball again.

So? Did it happen? I’ll let his mom’s words tell the rest of the story.

Mission Accomplished

Zion’s health has made a dramatic transformation. His breathing issues stemmed from an issue in his nervous system. Once it was finally addressed it allowed his body to start the healing process. Just knowing that he can play basketball is a win. Additionally, being able to measure the improvement and progress of his nervous system is a key component in how we’ve approached his care.

If you’re a parent reading this and your child is experiencing similar challenges with their health, consider chiropractic care. Our techniques are gentle enough for a newborn, and results like Zion’s are typical around here. It all starts with a consultation. If we think we can help, we’ll let you know. On the flip side, if we don’t think you’ve landed in the right place, we’ll let you know that too.

If you’re ready to take that next step, head over to our Contact page and schedule an appointment.