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March Business of the Month

One Stop Paleo Shop

Why One Stop Paleo Shop?

By now, you’ve probably all figured out how much we love food. Even more so, we love delicious, healthy, Paleo food!! This is exactly why One Stop Paleo Shop is our featured business of the month.

Not only do Jen and Devin, the owners of One Stop, sell the CLEANEST and BEST paleo goodies out there, but they’re also both a part of our Innate Family! Who doesn’t love subluxation free business owners.They truly are committed to health on every level.

They have made it their mission to work with Paleo companies that offer the best products out there, and they are constantly adding new delicious treats to the mix.

We personally order RX bars, HU Kitchen Chocolate bars at least a few times a month. Guys … it’s Paleo Chocolate. Come on now!

We never knew going to a Paleo event all the way out in Mission Viejo, would bring us to two amazing health conscious and fantastic individuals.

PS… As Innate Family members, you get perks! Want to know how? Well, follow this awesome link to their website, and at checkout enter “INNATE” as a promo code. This not only waives your shipping fee, but they will also personally deliver your goodies to Innate to pick up the next time you’re in! How awesome is that?!?

Thank you for your commitment to fabulous health, and for being a part of our Innate Family!