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Matthew Success with Asperger's

Matthew Success with Chiropractic and Asperger’s

Below are the words of Ramon and Gessell as they describe the changes they’ve seen in their son Matthew after he started his chiropractic care. 

“Our son Matthew has been receiving chiropractic care for the past 3 months. Innate Family Chiropractic has played an important role in our son’s life. It has become part of our lives. My son looks forward to seeing the team, especially Dr. Chris. At 2.5 years old, Matthew was diagnosed with Asperger’s. Matthew exhibited delayed social and language skills along with some tactile and sensory issues. He enjoyed playing alone and didn’t care much for what other children his age were doing. At first we were a bit skeptical about how a chiropractor could help Matthew, nevertheless we committed to treatment in hopes of some improvement.

Matthew is now a little over 3.5 years old. He attends a morning and afternoon preschool program where his teachers report major improvements with social and language skills. His teachers are happy to see that Matthew is now making friends. He knows every child’s name in both his classes. We have witnessed Matthew approach classmates to greet them hello. He makes it a point to make eye contact and call them by their first name (all of which are things that children with Asperger’s find extremely difficult and uncomfortable to do.) Additionally, Matthew makes attempts to socialize and join in on games and activities with other children his age and is even joining in on activities that require him to touch “gooey” stuff like glue and paint. Matthew now enjoys playing with sand; something he was extremely uncomfortable doing before. When we take him to the park, Matthew asks for his shovel to scoop up and dig up sand. He gets it in his hair on his clothes, in his shoes and he is okay with it! His teachers also report that he is able to complete more tasks and has improved his focus in class.

At home he is communicating basic needs and wants with greater ease. His language sounds more natural and he is curious and pointing out things to us as we go about our day. We celebrate each day that we hear that Matthew can do “something.” Family and friends who have known Matthew have recently also recognized these changes. They say that they feel that they are finally getting to know Matthew; that he is finally letting them “in” and showing a lot more of his personality than before. We are so glad to hear such great feedback from everyone who interacts with our son. Matthew has made great progress in many areas. The work is not over; we understand that Matthew continues to face many more challenges especially as he continues to grow. We are happy to see that Matthew is capable of achieving many things which his diagnosis says should be very difficult to do. We are hopeful that Matthew will continue to thrive and grown well. We are happy with the recent improvement and can’t wait to see what else our little guy CAN DO. Many thanks to Dr. Chris, Dr. Adana, and Jessica for all your support.”

Ramon and Gessell (Mom and Dad)


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