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Chiropractic Care and Asthma

Chiropractic care and asthma…these two may not seem to be related, but start with Sebastian’s story. In the video above you heard from Sebastian’s mom, Alex, as she discussed how she’s been using chiropractic care to support Sebastian’s asthma. Now as Dr. Chris stated in the video, Sebastian wasn’t given an “asthma adjustment” he was simply adjusted to remove the interference in his nervous system.

What is This Interference?

Here is Sebastian’s first sEMG scan and it’s quite colorful and unorganized! An ideal scan would have all white symmetrical bars. For a child of his age, these interferences, which we call subluxations, can be the result of the birth process, falls, chemical toxicity or a combination them all.

How Do We Fix It?

By analyzing Sebastian’s scan we see the areas of his nervous system that are completely imbalanced. From that point we tailor his chiropractic adjustments to bring the nervous system back into balance. It take some time for the nervous system to regain its balance, but the beautiful thing is that we have the data on our side. Check out his most recent scan below.

Here we see that Sebastian’s nervous system is finding a better sense of symmetry, and overall organization! This was at the three month mark of his chiropractic care.

Here are some of the highlight that his mom was really excited about…

  • Zero nebulizer use
  • Zero steroid cream
  • Zero allergy medication
  • Zero sneezing fits Sniffles nearly non-existent
  • 1 bloody nose since early March
  • 1 use of emergency inhaler

Take Action Now

If your child has been suffering from asthma, its time to get their nervous system checked. Head over to our Contact page to message us and get the process started today!