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Chiropractic Care for Colic

Miles Overcomes Colic Using Chiropractic Care

When Miles was born he was the typical sleepy little newborn and we were so in love… we finally had the little family we tried so hard for. We were totally blindsided when he turned two weeks old and he became an inconsolable terror. He would scream painful cries for hours on end and rarely slept during the day or night. We knew this was not “normal newborn behavior” so we took him to our pediatrician. He was diagnosed with colic and acid reflux and they sent us home with medication. We weren’t thrilled with the idea of giving our newborn adult acid reflux medications but we were desperate to try anything to comfort our very uncomfortable baby. We gave him the medication and eagerly awaited the miracle cure… nothing happened.

I then did what every modern mom would do and I turned to google. After finding several articles and forums suggesting chiropractic I was eager to give it a try. I had already seen several chiropractors throughout my life and was ready to find one for my son. We stumbled on Innate Family Chiropractic on yelp and I made an appointment that same day. That day is a bit foggy considering the level of exhaustion all three of us were experiencing at the time. I remember stumbling into the office with my husband and screaming baby and leaving with a glimmer of hope.

Dr. Adana wanted to see Miles every day possible, she even came in on Fridays and Saturdays to adjust him. When she wasn’t adjusting Miles she was helping me with my diet, referring us to a naturopathic doctor, suggesting homeopathic remedies, even bringing me coffee substitutes to help me cope without my morning cup of joe. All of her hard work was paying off and Miles slowly started improving. It was hard at times to see the changes but we always noticed them on Sundays… the one day Miles wouldn’t see Dr. Adana! After a few weeks the changes became more and more obvious. He was smiling, he would awake from a nap (yes, a nap) content, we could even make it through a whole adjustment without him screaming! He was becoming a different baby and we were becoming different parents because of it. We finally stopped referring to our child as “Grumps” and his new nickname became “sMiles”.

Now, three months later, he’s a new baby. We can’t help but laugh every time someone comments on how happy he is or what a big smile he has… if they only knew!

-Briana & Brian