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Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Imagine sitting in a lobby as you waiting to be called in for your chiropractic adjustment. And as you’re sitting there a pregnant mom walks in. You’re first thought is that she’s got to be in the wrong office, right? Because just by the look of it, she must be 8 months along, so there’s no way she’s here to get adjusted. Right?

As you keep an eye on her during your visit, you see her enter the adjusting room like everyone else. And finally she gets called over to her table, and you see the table transform into a shape that seems completely unnatural. That is unless you’ve got a pregnant belly. 

So now during your visit with one of the doctors you’ve got to ask, “Pregnant mom can get adjusted too?”

Happens all the time

We get this question all the time. Mostly because people aren’t accustomed to seeing pregnant moms getting adjusted. But once you see it in action it totally makes sense. Let’s start with just some of the physical aspects. 

Your Body is Changing

A growing baby, means a changing body for you. Your center of gravity is shift, your joints are supporting more weight, and finding a comfortable sleep position is becoming difficult. These things alone are a fantastic reason to make sure your alignment is on point. Having proper alignment of your spine and pelvis is a big part of what we look for when caring for a pregnant mother. The moms we work with have all stated that their level of overall comfort in their bodies has increased during chiropractic care. 

Your Nerves Matter

During pregnancy you and your baby are connected in so many ways. Your nervous system is a critical part of that connection. For example, if you’re stressed, the baby is going to experience that stress at some level. And that stress is communicated through the spinal nerves. So any disturbance to those nerves is going to impact your baby. This is where chiropractic can really shine for you. We utilize three different types of scans (don’t worry, they’re completely safe for growing babies) that allows us to measure the stress on your nerves. Once we can measure it, we can create plan to correct it. 

Having a nervous system that is operating efficiently ensures that you are creating the best environment for growth and development. And although the physical challenges of a changing body will remain, we constantly see expectant mothers dramatically improve the performance of their nervous system over the pregnancy thanks to chiropractic care. 

Your Ultimate Advantage

What we’re ultimately working towards is giving you every advantage possible so that on your day of delivery, you are ready to rock! Whatever you envision for your birth, we want you to have exactly that. In fact you deserve to have the birth of your dreams. Moms have come to us with breech babies, and still delivered naturally. Moms have been told that their bodies couldn’t handle a VBAC, until they started chiropractic care. The reality is that pregnant moms get told so many things about their bodies as they prep for birth. But so many times, those things that are seemingly stated as “fact”, are coming from such a narrow view of the body. 

You’re body is freakin’ amazing! For goodness sakes you’re creating a brand new baby! To be told that you can’t have the birth you want for XYZ reasons, can be so discouraging. We would ask you to consider chiropractic care as a possibility. The intelligence within your body is so powerful and so dynamic that it can change so much about your health and the health of your baby over the course of your pregnancy. Sometimes it just needs a little help in the form of chiropractic adjustment. 

Reach Out

If you’ve got any questions about chiropractic care during pregnancy, please contact us. We’d be happy to answer your questions and support you during this magical time.