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Chiropractic Cures Nothing

Chiropractic Cures Nothing

A bunch of you ask the question of hey Dr. Adana, hey dr. Chris. Do you guys think the chiropractor could help somebody who has acid reflux, anxiety, digestive issues, bladder problems, cycle-related issues, fertility challenges, ear infections, autism, ATD, I could name so many more things and what do Dr. Chris and I typically say, yes! Why, why do we say yes to absolutely everything? I’m sure you have your own ideas, but I’m going to tell you a couple of ours.

So Chiropractic can absolutely help everything and chiropractic can absolutely help nothing. What do you mean? Well, as Chiropractors we treat and cure nothing. What’s the only thing that we’re doing? We are looking at the stress on your nervous system and through the adjustment. We are removing that interference to your nervous system. Therefore allowing your body to self-heal and self-regulate, like it’s meant to when your body starts to self-heal and self-regulate and go through this healing process all on its own things change, your health changes.

So are there people that see us who had allergies for years and years and years and now don’t get them anymore? Yeah, and are their people who had constipation issues diarrhea issues and now they have phenomenal digestion. Yeah, you might be one of those people. Where are their kids who’ll come in with an ear infection get adjusted and then their body will break into a fever? Uh-huh.

Yes, something like that can happen and then their ear infection will go away. Yes, why because their body is healing that’s what our bodies are meant to do. Our bodies will always self-heal and self-regulate as long as there is no interference in that nervous system. So the next time somebody has something going on with your health ask them.

Have you ever tried Chiropractic? Not because we’re going to be the cure-all for what’s going on in their system, but because they are absolutely going to benefit in their overall health and their overall function once their nervous system is free and clear of subluxation and that interference.

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