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Secret Weapon During Cold and Flu Season

Secret Weapon During Cold and Flu Season

Being that sick kid, or having that sick kid, is stressful. Let’s face it, we’ve all been sick and it is 0% fun. Were told to get ready for “cold and flu season.” They say to get your flu shot even though it’s toxic and has shown to be very ineffective. We’re hit with ads for cold and flu medicine. And time after time were prescribed antibiotics for it, without even a test to see if the illness is bacterial or viral. So is it just inevitable that we’re going to get sick?


You have the power to change that and create a strong responsive immune system that can keep you healthy all year long. You can do this for yourself and for your kids. Just a warning, it’ll take some work, but it will be totally worth it.

Let’s start with a simple action step. Have you noticed that during this time of year, the sun goes down earlier? What that means for most people is that they get less sun exposure. Less sun exposure equals a lowered level of Vitamin D in the body. Without getting to much into the science, Vitamin D is huge player in the realm of immunity. By naturally getting less in the winter months our body’s immune response will be lower.

In oder to keep our Vitamin D levels high we need to do one of two things. Make a conscious effort to get sun exposure or take a Vitamin D supplement. For us here in Southern California, the sun exposure part can be relatively easy since it doesn’t get super cold, but for most other places in the world, it would be wise to take a supplement. For some kids this single action can make the difference between going down with a cold and cruising through the winter months without slowing down!


The Vitamin D tip is just one of the many things you can learn during our upcoming webinar on immunity. The webinar will be on Tuesday, December 11th @ 6:00 PM. No registration is needed, simply use the link below and you’ll be good to go!