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COVID-19 Vaccine Coming Soon...Should You Get It?

In this video, Dr. Chris talks about the COVID-19 Vaccine. If you are interested in learning more about the vaccine please take a moment to watch this video.

If you have any questions, please contact us below via Instagram DM or reaching out to us through our website contact page. We will respond as soon as possible. Enjoy.


Video Transcript

What’s up, everyone? Dr. Chris here and let’s talk about it. A COVID-19 vaccine is coming any day. There’s gonna be like emergency use and all these things being applied for by the government so that we can get it into the bodies of our citizens as quickly as possible. Here’s my professional recommendation. Don’t get it plain and simple you are a free individual so you can make that decision for yourself. I’m just giving you my professional recommendation from a health standpoint.

I would have avoid it for a lot of reasons already you likely know and if you don’t here’s your notice, we’re not in the vaccine game meaning we don’t support them.

There are lots of other natural ways to build immunity that don’t come through injection just for a little quick quick hit vaccines provide artificially acquired immunity, which is not lifelong one. You get actual exposure to things by being out and you know interacting with people and other humans, services, nature everything we get and build lifelong immunity to the things that we get even if we don’t get them at like, you know full-on disease level or infection level where if we’re getting exposed to them.

It’s going to provide immunity for us, which is fantastic. So that’s our mode, along with other things. But that’s just one one quick hit some reasons why I would avoid the vaccine. Short amount of testing they’ve only tested a small 2% of the of the people that were in the in the group for this is for the Pfizer vaccine, by the way, the people that were in the study only two percent of them were used to judge the safety and efficacy of that vaccine, that’s a small percent it already was, you know, a limited sample size and to be down to 2% to judge the whole thing.

They have issued warnings about women getting pregnant, don’t get pregnant within two months of the last shot, which I think it is a two-two injection procedure over the course of a month. I believe they’ve also said during that two months after no breastfeeding.

So that’s not good. What are they fearful of for those kiddos that are going to be ingesting that milk from a mom who had the vaccine don’t don’t get into that. The other part of it is they’ve done zero study on interactions. With any medications you’re taking, any other conditions you have, any previous vaccines you’ve had so they haven’t done any of these studies because we went through this, you know warp speed operation, which we do not support at all, you know, I’ll be transparent even if they if this was a vaccine that came out, you know in four to seven years because they’ve done like the regular studying that they usually do for these things regular research.

I still wouldn’t be on board with it, but like right now putting Microscope on it like nah, I’m not for it. I wouldn’t recommend you get it and then there’s the shedding aspect of it is they’re going to be that Viral shedding that vaccines have so meaning once you get it. Once you get the vaccine, are you going to be shedding off that little bit of that virus? That SARS COVID to to the people around you and if so for how long often times for vaccines is 21 days of shedding after you’ve gotten it. So are we going to see like a crazy Spike?

As you know, positive tests after vaccine start to get administered. It’s likely if that’s what we typically see with other vaccines. So on the flip side, let’s turn this over if you are concerned if you’re like, oh my God cases are rising and now we’ve got to you know, new lock downs and all this if you’re concerned if you’re in a fearful place and doing nothing, I suggest you start doing something you need to do, you need to be your best asset through this whole thing. If you are going through this you need to quit the things that are going to suppress your immunity.

I’m going to pick on a few kick sugar out of your diet. Kick it out. It’s going to be a it might be a rough transition. We’re like in the holiday season. Maybe you’re not, you know in a workplace where there’s a bunch of doughnuts and candy and this and that, but if you’re at home and like baking up a storm like quit no more sugar because sugar out of your life alcohol same thing.

Kick it out refined sugar pasty carbs, like pastas breads gluten filled things all these inflammatory things dairies another one kick these things out of your life. If you’re concerned. I mean, even if you’re not concerned, let’s be honest kick them out of your life, but do something you need to change your behavior to boost your immunity get in here to get your adjustments your adjustments provided two hundred percent immunity boost.

We’ve seen that from you know studies from the past show that Immune function is going to improve under chiropractic care. That’s a good boost. Do some exercise gyms closed. I hear that one like constantly all the gyms closed if the gym was open if the gym was open and blah blah blah. You don’t need a gym do some body squats. Do some push-ups do some sit-ups use your own body weight.

You can be your own gym. Go for a run. Go for a walk go climb a mountain. There’s things you can be doing and the whole, you know, I’m throwing I’m off of my routine. I was in the such a good Groove when the gym. was open blah blah blah I get it. It was a disruption, but guess what they’ve been closed for months. So we need to drop that excuse. If you’re still in playing that game quit it, please go do something go for if you need suggestions on what to do for a workout. Send me a DM.

I’ll give you a bunch of things get a rock and get a bucket full of sand an walk around the block while carrying it do so many things. I don’t have to keep going on this hydrate. It’s not hot outside. So you feel like you don’t need to hydrate as much. Well you do you certainly do your body needs that hydration, so. Do something. Don’t sit home fearful.

Don’t sit home doing nothing and look if you’ve got one of the if you’ve got a condition whatever it is diabetes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, an autoimmune issue. If you’ve got some of those things work now to get those things out of your life do a simple search put in the condition. Let’s say diabetes naturally get rid of diabetes naturally resolve cure. Whatever diabetes your Buying so many articles some will be junk. Let’s be honest.

Some will be nonsense, but keep reading keep learning open your mind to those things because those conditions of the body are responses to your behavior responses to what your body is exhibiting in symptoms, but you can start taking action now if you’re stuck at home, you have extra time things are closed we can do as much as you know, the regular busyness of life take this time now invested in you invested in yourself so that you can go through this.

Avoid that crazy vaccine get still be immune from all the things that are going around because stuff still going around it is cold and flu season after all so you’re going to be exposed to or there’s going to be you know, snotty kids and this and that running around make sure your immune system is is as strong as possible no matter what in this, you know current state that we find ourselves in or in any future state, so, that’s all See you next time.

If you have any questions, please let me know. If you have any specific, you know things you want to send over in a DM. I will get back to you right away. If you want someone else to hear this share this tag them below until next time. We’ll see you. Bye.

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