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Cut It Out!

Dr. Chris talks about all the toxicity that there is in the things we consume daily and more. Watch this short video to learn all about it.


What’s up, Innate VIPs? Just want to send you this quick message on Wednesday. If you saw the video on Monday, it’s about how many times I’ve been adjusted in my life. I settled on the number of around 1,200 adjustments. So that is taking me very far in my health. If you’re looking to go the next level up. Here’s what I recommend to everybody.

Start next with your chemical toxicity your toxic load. It is something that has changed dramatically in the last 50 years. Let’s say, manufacturing has changed, the amount of plastics and chemicals and synthetics and GMOs so much has entered our systems through these chemical means that are causing us harm and detriment overall. So just start looking at the things you’ve already got at home. I’m talking about everything like toothpaste, deodorant, lotion.

Let’s see household cleaners. Let’s talk about, you know fragrant things like perfumes, air fresheners, and that’s just like the kind of the environmental stuff. Let’s talk about stuff you put in your body your foods. What’s in your pantry? What’s in your refrigerator? How clean is your water? Are you filtering it? Are you just drinking it from the tap? Are you consuming, you know, genetically modified things? Are you buying organic? What is the amount of toxicity that you are allowing into your system.

If you have no idea and you want some places to start. Let me know. Go further than that, medications. Are you on any, hopefully not, are you taking supplements? If so, let’s talk about quality because you could be taking some low-quality supplements and in some cases, I’d rather you not take it at all because there are so many fillers preservatives, and additives to a supplement because they have a long shelf life if you buy it from like a big box store some of those are going to be suspect.

Some of them, sell great stuff in all stores. You can find, you know, some good quality stuff, but those supplements and vitamins you’re taking are they good for you? Are they serving their purpose? If they’re not getting rid of them? Don’t let something healthy contribute negatively to your toxic load. We don’t want that at all. So if you are nailing your Chiropractic Care, like you’re getting adjusted regularly your see changes on your scans.

You’re seeing that physical improvement and experiencing in living it you want to go a layer deeper? Let’s take on the chemical toxicity because that is a huge huge component, and if you need a, you know, kind of housekeeping in that category, well, let’s talk about that. There are great easy effective, you know natural ways to do that so that you can start with a clean slate. That would be a great place to go next. So if you got any questions on this, please let me know just reply to this email. I’ll get your questions right away, and I will give you an answer soon as I can. See you soon. Bye.

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