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Daniella Overcomes Epilepsy

Daniella Overcomes Epilepsy Challenges

Our family motto has always been to be proactive and preventive when it comes to our health. As first time parents, we did everything possible to be proactive with our baby girl, Daniella. We made sure she got checked often, adjusted when needed, exclusively breast-fed, gave her essential nutritional supplements, and surrounded her in the happiest stress-free environment possible. It was extremely scary and a big shock to us when she was diagnosed with a very rare form of epilepsy called “infantile spasm.” Like all parents, we did everything and anything possible to make sure we helped Daniella’s innate get back on track in order to allow her to heal, recover, and have the best chance possible at reaching her full potential. And it did!

We are so blessed and grateful to have had Drs. Adana & Chris in our lives to contribute to Daniella’s miracle recovery! They helped us enhance our lifestyle by making small yet effective tweaks like going paleo with our diet, changing up our daily supplements, weekly scans, and having Daniella adjusted daily during her crisis phase. They went above and beyond taking care of Daniella. Dr. Adana was also my rock throughout this process. She was always there to listen to me, guide me, and a shoulder to cry on. Thank you Innate Family Chiropractic for helping contribute to Daniella being the happy, healthy, and thriving 10 month old baby she is now!

Daniella’s Parents

Armen and Natalie