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My Doctor Said I'm Fine, But I Still Have This Problem

spine xrayFar too often we’ve sat down with a person for their initial consultation and they tell something like this…”My doctor ran blood tests and did an MRI and they told me that nothing is wrong, yet I still have XYZ problem.” And that just plain sucks. Personally, we’ve even been in those scenarios with our own health and it’s awful. You don’t feel good, you went to the professionals for an answer and got nothing.

Well, your body doesn’t lie. If it’s not functioning properly it will let you know. And guess what those doctors probably did the best they could given the tools that they had. But here’s where they may have gone wrong. They looked at you based on your symptoms and not the cause of those symptoms. You see in the medical world, there are tests to assess a whole lot of symptoms, but oftentimes they don’t look for the cause.

Now back to your body. Your body is constantly communicating the source or cause of an issue, but blood tests, saliva panels, and other labs are not going to catch it. But your spine will reveal it to us. This spine of yours protects your nervous system, which connects to every organ in your body. Check out this picture and see how well it’s all connected.

And this is precisely why we run scans on your body. Your scans tell us nearly everything we need to know about how your nervous system is functioning. It tells us where there is distress and inefficiency. From that information, we look at what tissues or organs are involved and we work to resolve the distress and create greater efficiency.

These scans show several examples of things that showed up normal on routine testing, but anything close to normal on their scans.