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Don't Be A Mushy Pumpkin - Innate Family Chiropractic


Don’t be a Mushy Pump! Hey guys. Dr. Chris here and I’m joined by a pumpkin. So yes, it is October. We’re getting closer to Halloween and we’re going to use this pumpkin to talk about how your nervous system charges up and fuels your body. So this pumpkin here obviously was growing on a vine right this right here got cut so that people like us can buy it, but we know that that was its Lifeline, right?

That’s how I was getting nutrients out. How it’s getting water. How it’s getting everything it needed to grow and develop into this size pumpkin. So for us, that’s our nervous system our spinal cord or spinal nerves go to every cell tissue and organ in our body. So obviously unless you’ve been in some trauma most people don’t have those nerves or spinal cord to straight-up cut like this thankfully, but when we’re subluxated we’re putting a pressure and interference on your nerve and then that changes the signal going to let’s say the pumpkin is our body going to the body if we change that signal we know from the scans that we do.

Are either having a high signal or low signal either one not good. We want that nice normal nerve flow from your brain through your spinal cord through the spinal nerves to your body. So if we detect that we must correct it we must correct it through the adjustment so that this can flourish so that you can grow and to become a beautiful pumpkin like this. If not, this will still grow right, but maybe it’s not going to get as big maybe it’s not going to be as bright orange. Maybe it’s going to be a little mushy and start to degrade.

In this case, since we’ve cut that supply. Well, we know this is got a limited amount of time before it eventually turns into a mushy pumpkin. We know if we carve it into a jack-o’-lantern it’s really going to start to degrade. So we don’t want to be in that position. We want nice normal nerve flow from the brain through the spinal cord through spinal nerves to your body and then send that information back up to the brain that loop that cycle. That’s how we sustain our life and our health.

So if you feel like maybe I’m in that subluxated zone, I don’t want to become a mushy pumpkin. Let’s get adjusted, let’s do your scan, let’s maybe take some x-rays. Let’s see what we need to do to make sure that we get you all the information you need to make that make that new set of take those new set of actions to make sure that you are nice and subluxation free I will remind you while we’re at it. We are still doing our fundraiser to support Armenia. We got these shirts we participated in someone else’s fundraiser and got these cool team shirts and we’re giving away a new prize now.

An additional prize we’re not replacing it. So we’re still raffling off the Young Living premium starter kit, but we’ve got some friends who are also donating their services for a beautiful balloon garland. You can see it at Innate above the front desk. They have it decked out in the colors of the Armenian flag. But when you have an event if you win that prize, you’ll get a balloon Garland up to $200. So that’s an additional bonus for participating in the raffle look below this email and you’ll find all the information you need to participate and buy your raffle ticket. See you next time guys. Bye.

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