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Don't Ignore Your Problems!

Guys don’t mind me. I’m just getting ready for a video here. All right. Hey everybody! Dr. Chris here, And today we’re going to talk about something very important that applies to all of our health and it’s for a lot of you the reason why you even started coming into Innate whether you know it or not, so this here that I just did we’re going to pretend I don’t see this. Okay. So let’s go through the scenario of my finger hurts. Like it’s got this like the rob. It feels really full.

So I’m going to try to deal with it so that I can go through my day. I use this finger-like click the mouse turn the keys for the car. You know, it’s my dominant hand. I need this finger to be working like it’s supposed to. For me as a Chiropractor, I use it to adjust. I need this finger. So what if we just like, let me exercise. Okay, do Little Resistance good. Still hurts, maybe I can massage it. You know, it feels better, but something still, something’s still off.

Maybe I could maybe I can stretch it and move it. Just give it a pull and stretch. It doesn’t feel better or worse kind of just feels the same. So I don’t know what to do. I’m I have these different these different symptoms like it hurts. It’s throbbing. I’m really trying to deal with the effects of that. Maybe I could take I could take a painkiller. I bet if I take enough like Tylenol or Advil maybe I can numb it and because some cream on there may be some, you know, some good essential oils.

Maybe I can do something that will help this pain because this is really not feeling great, you guys obviously know the answer. So the real thing we need to do here is address the cause. What is the cause of my finger hurting? You know, right. It’s the rubber band, right? So that finger there that’s not feeling great is subject to this subluxation here. We’ll call it because it is blocking right now. It’s blocking more than just the nerve flow, but the nerve flow is being blocked from this portion my finger.

It’s also starting to affect the circulation which is a whole different thing. But we know that this is going to persist it’s not going to go away until we address the cause. I might through the exercise like I see it getting a little blue. But if I exercise it, I’m going to help with the with the circulation maybe even with a feeling but there’s going to be a point where this guy goes numb, and then there’s nothing we can do except for addressing that cause so so often and look we grew up in this in this fashion too with our health care system.

I chased the cause for all sorts of issues dealing with my Digestive Health. Dr. Adana did the same with her migraine history and we saw how far they got us until we found our own way to a Chiropractor who was like. Hey, those things are good that you’re doing there helping with the symptoms, but you’re not addressing the cause what you really need to do is correct that cause and in this case, we’re looking at a subluxation and this is going to feel good. Look. I pull one. Let’s say that’s one adjustment doesn’t get it all to adjustments getting there.

Whoo-hoo starting to get better already. Oh, Oh God, I’m getting like some some warmth going through there. Now. Some healing is going to be happening. I’m going to get my full function back. So, so often, let’s get this out of here. So often we are focused on symptoms symptoms symptoms effect effect effect, let’s treat that effect. That only gets you so far if we address the cause we can get to the true root of everything we can actually get to a point of resolution so that our health improves our body gets into that self-healing self-regulating mode.

we just need to remove that cause so I want you to think for a moment whether for yourself or someone else in your life that a time where you have ignored the cause or maybe you just didn’t know what the cause was and you just hesitated on seeking out how to find that if you’ve had that moment, or you know someone who’s currently doing that and not getting a resolution.

Have them consult a Chiropractor if it’s us fantastic, if it’s someone else, great too we can even help them find the right Chiropractor, but I want you to think of that time and now from here on out you have no excuse you must take action on finding the cause because now you’ve heard it you can’t unhear it, you know that you need to find the cause not just treat the effects.

So, I will not be wrapping my finger with that rubberband anymore because look it left those marks, but we’ll see you next time and if this makes sense or has benefit that you’d like to share tag, someone share it with them send an email whatever the case maybe get the information out there. See you next time. Bye.