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Dr. Chris Has a Confession to Make

Dr. Chris Confession Transcript

And what’s up, guys? Dr. Chris here and today we’re out in the sunshine for a very important reason. We’re talking more about vitamin D. So I just saw this Study last week showing all the effectiveness of your body’s ability to fight off covid specifically, when your vitamin D levels are on point. So I’m going to show you this report and I’m going to show you hopefully you can see it. Can you see it there? 27.1 and the and low would you think that it was mine? I know I don’t like this either.

I got a low I don’t I have some theories as to why it’s low, but that doesn’t matter right now because now it’s time to boost it back up. So that was a couple weeks ago. I’m going to take my next test in a couple weeks to see how my levels have improved with supplementation and coming back out in the sun. One thing. I will say just for my own defense those fires that we had for like four weeks. I was not going outside like I usually do. That aside, I’m supplementing, I’m getting back in the sun. I’m getting those D levels back up because as we go into cold and flu season, I don’t want this to be I don’t want my system to be susceptible to anything obviously.

And I want to make sure that the things we’re recommending for you guys to start to improve your vitamin D levels are actually working. So we’re going to go to the lab tests again. Like I said, I posted that I think the first week of October no no October 14th is when I did that so we are in the first week of November. I’m going to do it again in six weeks. So right around Thanksgiving. I’m going to do it again. And see how my levels have improved but it also goes to show for you guys. I would not have guessed that my levels were low at all.

I’ve done tests in the past normal good optimal levels. I would not have guessed that there’s a level of knowingness when you actually go get a test. So get out of the thought of like, oh, yeah, I’m good. Oh, yeah. I’m good. If it’s time for you to take a test. If you haven’t already, let’s schedule you for it. It’s super quick super easy. There’s Labs all around that we can send you two to get that quick vitamin D check you can do it. Panel, like I did or you could just do that specific test nevertheless.

Once you have that data, then you can make the right decisions to improve your vitamin D levels as well as we go into this. Like I said cold and flu season doesn’t feel like it right now. I think fall got delayed another week supposed to get cold next week though, but that’s it. That’s my confession. I’ve got to admit. I was not I was surprised by that. But now I’m taking action to correct it and I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going. See you next time.

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