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Dr. Chris Interviews His Sister About Exercise!

Dr. Chris Interviews His Sister About Exercise!

In case you hadn’t noticed, we want you to move your bodies! Movement is life! For that very reason, Dr. Chris interviewed his sister about moving her body. She’s worked as a graphic designer for close to 10 years. That means she’s been behind a computer screen for years upon years. As a result, she struggled with everything from low energy to back and neck pain. (Sound familiar to any of you?) Check out their video and figure out a way to get yourself moving consistently! If you need any recommendations on what type of exercise would be great for you, let’s talk about it!

Dr. Chris’s Exercise Recommendations

One of Dr. Chris’s exercise recommendations is Crossfit. Crossfit focuses on functional movements. Meaning that the focus is on movements that you do in your day-to-day life. From lifting that heavy bag of dog food to putting a box into a high cabinet, you will see a crossover in the movements taught in crossfit. We know that Crossfit can seem intimidating, but we’re not elite athletes, we started as beginners too. Give it a shot and then decide if you’d like to stick with it.

Both Dr. Chris and his sister Alyssa crossfit regularly. Here are the links to where they work out if you want to join them in a workout.