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Dr. Winsor Is Still Right!

Dr. Winsor Is Still Right


What’s up everyone Dr. Chris here, And today I’m going to talk to you about some interesting stuff that we found that just goes right along with something that we’ve known for a long long time. So back in 1921, a doctor named Henry Windsor did a series of autopsies. I know it’s kind of a somber somber topic but what he discovered was that of the people that he was doing these autopsies. He saw that there was a correlation between the thing that killed them.

So let’s say, you know cancer in the stomach, and degeneration in the path that the nerves go from the spine to the stomach. Okay. So someone has an issue like here and they have like a visceral or organ disease here or someone has it here and experiences here, so he did this over 75 different autopsies and he kept seeing, you know, someone has a disease or something in the organs that killed them yet. They also seem to have degeneration in their spine. So let’s fast forward to a couple weeks ago.

We sent a patient in his early 40s to go take these x-rays. Okay, and so hopefully you can see see from there, but this should be nice and straight. It is not we see areas of degeneration. And really a whole lot of trauma and change in this part of his spine right to that middle. That’s like the middle of the thoracic spine. When we look at the side view.

We see very heavy levels of degeneration. Lots of change in these bones these segments here should be nice and tall and rectangular. They’re getting very flat and smush. Yes. Smoosh is a technical term and we’re just seeing a lot of trauma in their this is not what we would consider a normal thoracic spine. Of course, we here we do a lot of additional testing here. So we see his thermal scan lit up in that region. So this region is right up in here. We’re all those red bars are and then even on the EMG we see that same region lit up.

Here’s the funny thing this gentleman early 40s. Like I said had a heart attack like not that long ago like two months ago. Now this that doesn’t normally happen for folks his age, right? We know that so that was already a little red flag. We look at this and I say this exactly proves what Dr. Windsor studied in those autopsies now thank God this didn’t come to us as through an autopsy. He made it. He survived that heart attack. Thank God, but we could see the signs all over that there was an organ in here in distress because of the signals coming from the nerves through the spine.

So when I see this and I see all this trauma and like he was a football player and that’s a very very violent sport. I would not recommend it. But let’s say you do go down that route. Make sure you’re getting your spine taken care of throughout and that’s like before during and after because you don’t want your playing days to wreck the rest of your life, which could have happened in this case for this gentleman. And there were other traumas in there as well of course car accidents things like that.

But to me when I saw this and like this makes such a big case for me and my mind for kids getting their Chiropractic Care early, kids that go through trauma. We’ve got a lot of them from falls to car accidents to sports injuries, the ones that maintain a high level of spinal health through their Chiropractic Care through the exercises we give them.

They’re not going to they’re not going to devolve into this the levels of degeneration are not going to go down this route and hopefully what that means is that they are not going to be the ones he’s suffering from these organic or visceral diseases like a heart attack like a you know, internal cancer like anything along those lines. So, he is on a fast road to recovery a lot of this I can tell you as if his most recent scan is already clearing up still a little bit of work to do in this realm, but we’re seeing those changes, we’re seeing those shifts.

So something from way back in 1921 that Dr. Harry Windsor saw and correlated. We are seeing in action here at Innate and if you’ve got any questions, please about this in particular about care for your kids. Please let us know because this to me Illustrated so much that the the work that we put in early on is going to pay dividends in the health and lives of your kids. When they become adults and guess what adults don’t let it get to that point like this could be brewing and some of the adults watching right now.

Let’s take a quick look this took all of let’s say an hour and a half to go take the x-rays to do the scans and boom. We’ve got all this data and all this information that can guide our decision-making and how we’re going to provide Care Chiropractic Care how we’re going to give our wellness recommendations for like exercises and diet and things like that so much can be gained and such a short amount of time.

Let’s get it done guys so that you can benefit from great health for many many many years and the same goes for your kiddos. Let’s make sure that they are set up for a lifetime of good health again. If you’ve got any questions, please let me know if anything in this resonates or feel like you should share with someone. Tagged them, share it to them, send it to them. Give it a heart, give it a love, a like all that good stuff, and again reach out if you got any questions. See you next time. Bye.

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