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December Patient of the Month! - Experience with Chiropractic

With Chiropractic:

“Chiropractic is something that is a last resort to alleviate pain.” This was my initial perspective of the role of any type of chiro care. After all, the pain was the reason that led me to Pasadena’s Dynamic Duo and all of their awesome sidekicks. I figured that if Innate could “cure” my physical pain, then in the future, if my boys have injuries from playing sports, I would have a place to take them and they, too, will be cured…and course, a few months later, a sprained ankle brought them to Innate. A decade later, (and for the readers who are counting, I know it’s not technically been 10 full years), I continue to choose chiro care as a part of my commitment to self-care. I align with Innate’s philosophy and methods of care because the doctors and staff are committed to me and my boys. I do not always vibe at the same level when it comes to topics like the role of allopathic care and vaccinations, but I have come to appreciate that in life, it’s differences that incite consideration, evaluation, and the formulation of individual truths. Innate has definitely helped me grow!!!

Speaking of growing, I’d like to leave you with what has been the most profound and evident benefit of chiro care for my family:

Micah and Jonah were both under 5-feet tall when they started chiro care at Innate. Now, at ages 21 and 19 respectively, the boys hover at a height of 6-feet and are still growing and competing to see who will come out on top. Whenever they are home from college, they see that one has overtaken the other as the taller one. The see-sawing of their height is not just something fun to see, but it will always be the go-to story when I share about the benefits of chiro care. Of course, the boys miss Innate care and so, when they are home and if we can “rock” a time when the doctors are around, Innate is a must-stop. I’m not sure what will happen when Drs. Adana and Chris retire or move away, but I will continue to be grateful for their dedication to health and will continue to celebrate the role of Chiropractic in my family’s health journey.

If you know anyone with a similar story that may benefit from receiving Chiropractic Care, let us know through the button below and share this with them!