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German - Back in action!

A few months ago, after an injury, I began to have chronic back and neck pain due to a pinched nerve. The pain would travel from my neck to my right shoulder, forearm, wrist and then fingers tips. By the end of the day the pain was unbearable. I had many sleepless nights due to the ongoing discomfort and pain.

Doctors prescribed me a number of pills that didn’t help, Pain Management gave me a cortisone shot that lasted two days, and X-Rays and MRIs showed nothing. I had been in pain for two months at this point.  I even gave up going to the gym, which had been a passion of mine for 15 years, with the hopes of getting better.

It wasn’t until a co-worker told me about the Innate Family that I became curious about chiropractic care.  I did my research and knew this was for me since I am not a fan of masking pain with pills. 

It has been 7 months since I started my chiropractic care at Innate and I feel great.  Though I may sound like I am exaggerating I really did feel instant relief after my first adjustment.  After completing the program I managed to go on vacation for two weeks with no pain whatsoever.  I was out and about every single day, snorkeling, hiking, swimming, and staying active…and it’s all thanks to the Innate Family.   

Now I am back at the gym as if the injury never happened and it has been a few months since I have felt any discomfort.  And although it is quite a drive for me to get to Innate Family, I have decided to extend my chiropractic care by continuing on with my Wellness Plan.

Thank you Dr. Chris and Dr. Adana for bringing me back to life, teaching me a few things along the way, and for truly caring.  Thank you Sam for making me feel welcomed and at home, and for your friendly reminders!


German Aldana