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Glow like a Glow Stick!

Glow like a Glow Stick Transcript

What’s up everybody! Dr. Chris here and today. Well, let’s start by this. We are in Halloween week. So this week we will be dressed up, not dressed up yet, but come into Innate and you will see us in costumes. But today we’re going to talk about how chiropractic care and your spine are like a glow stick. So hopefully you’re familiar with this glow stick. And if you’re not I’m going to show you how it works. But your spine it makes some fun noises right when you get adjusted, so this makes funny noises too.

So I’m going to demo this whole thing. And before we do that, let’s do it right let’s hit the lights. All right, so you probably can’t see me right now, but we are going to pretend that this glow stick is your spine and we’re going to just give it one little adjustment. Oh, look at that. Look what happens when you start to adjust and let’s get another one. Alright now we’re getting somewhere. So you notice that one adjustment alone didn’t light up the whole spine, didn’t change the whole nervous system, right?

But as we go through and adjust and give it a shake we see that this whole thing is lighting up. All right, and we can do it even with a green one. Right? So we see that whole thing happened just like boom adjustment boom adjustment boom. Boom. Boom. So when we start someone and their Chiropractic Care do we recommend just one adjustment? No, we recommend a series of adjustments because we know we’ve got some work to do. There are some stuff patterns in there that we need to get rid of them going to wear this one like a necklace because You know, it’s fun.

I don’t have you can see my face but this is what we’re going towards. We’re going to light you up. We want your body to be lit up. We want your nervous system to be lit up and light energy is something we talk about all the time. Right a subluxation. That is what we are looking to correct in your body. We’ve talked about this in the past. But if you don’t remember Lux means light in Latin Chiropractic was founded on this this concept of your body has this internal energy this light energy.

So this is a perfect perfect example of that as we open things up as we get the channels going as we get everything moving your brain and body are going to communicate at a high level so that you are lit up in your body. We don’t want subluxated states in your body subluxation is a condition of less light. We don’t need you to have less light energy. There’s enough going on to stress us out and get us worked up in a way. That’s just not going to serve your health overall.

So by getting your chiropractic care you I’m like this amazing glow stick in your lit up. You can go into a room full of sick people and you’ll be fine. You’ll be strong. You’ll be resilient. We see it all the time. Right? So let’s be those glow sticks. Let’s stay consistent with your care. If you’re watching this, you’ve never been adjusted. I urge you to see a chiropractor.

If you’re within driving distance of us. Come here, if you’re you know, and Tennessee let us know and we will get you a chiropractor out there to check you out. Check your spine up, so you can be just like this glow stick. See you next time, in costume!

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