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HRV Scans And Stress

HRV Scans

Dr. Adana discusses HRV scans and stress. She tells you what you can do to reduce stress in your life and how to help your body deal with it in a healthy way.


Hello, everybody, Dr. Adana. and today we are going to learn a little bit about what you’re seeing behind me. So if you’ve been in the office and you’ve done these scans, this is your HRV scan. This is a scan where you sit down the three minutes you put your hand in and then we tell you we’re basically going to figure out where you lie in this, right? So our HRV scan looks at our overall adaptability. What does that really mean? Well, the super simplest way to look at it is, imagine your body as a gas tank. When you’re driving along. We all have that like ding that goes off that lets us know. Hey, you have like 40 miles left.

If you do not fill up you’re going to empty. which means your car is going to stop if you’re anything like me you just push that a little bit more because you sometimes don’t drive too far along. However, you absolutely know like hey, I have five miles left. I have to fill up. Why do you fill-up? You fill out so you don’t get stranded on the side of the road and your car doesn’t stop but when’s the last time you actually paid attention to your own gauge? When is the last time you looked at your own body and said hey, I have like 40 miles left?

I better do something about what’s happening or I’m going to reach a point of empty. Well, here’s the difference in that our car will stop. Like you physically can’t go anywhere in the vehicle unless you fill it up. Our bodies jump into here, they jump in to fight or flight, they jump into sympathetic, they jump into the gas pedal on, and that’s basically survival mode. Your system will push you into survival mode until it can’t push you anymore and it’ll tell you along the way it’ll hint. It’ll give you a little bit maybe your immune system will weaken a little maybe your digestion will be thrown off. Maybe your sleep’s like whack and all over the place.

Maybe your hormones are all over but you don’t listen you just keep going because you’re physically still going and if we’re physically still going as human beings we just kind of jump into that place and go until we reach a point where then your systems like I’m going to dump it all on you and you physically stop so we’re here of course to show you along the way to not do that don’t let your body reach a point of empty and beyond and like burning fumes do something about it change stuff maybe you change your sleep habits maybe you change how you’re eating you decrease some sugar some inflammatory foods maybe you actually start moving your body doesn’t have to be some like two hour-long workout 10 minute walk whatever it might be maybe you finally start to meditate and kind of quiet down all that crazy stress that’s going on Lord goes it’s still out there because when you do that and you actually pay attention to your gas tank ahead of time bam this happens you may not go straight into the green right away that’s okay last time I did my HRV it was like here I’ll do it again and if you want to see my example, I will happily share. I’m a human being too. But when you go here your body fully recognizes. Hey, I’m done with this stress.

I can actually do other things and hey, I’m more adaptable meaning if there is something immunity likewise going on AKA if it’s flu season or if it’s covid or anything like that the more adaptable your system becomes the better you’re going to do with it. That’s it if you’re hanging out here. Here you’re not going to do too hot because you don’t have anything in your tank to fill it up.

So push yourself as close to the midline. If not a little bit higher to then take on what’s there? If you have to pull like long long hours for work for a couple of days if you’re here. It’s not going to break you or if you maybe skip a workout or two your weight or your inflammatory factors are not going to go all over the place.

Why because your body still super adaptable and resilient to what’s going Going on. So please don’t wait until you literally reach a place of like break down to do something about your health figure out what it is. Now. Let’s talk about your different lifestyle habits. And if you’ve never done this scan, well, then that’s cool too.

You can let us know and we’ll absolutely hook you up to do it. So you see how your own body is adapting. So happy HRV building and I look forward to seeing what your HRV’s look like because guess what you might not tell me the truth, but this one never lies. Bye guys!

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