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I Can, I Will

My Race Mantra: “I Can, I Will”

Over the weekend I completed my first Spartan Beast Race in Lake Tahoe. It was 13.5 miles long and included 31 obstacles. It was TOUGH! The image above comes for a video on our instagram account of me completing the second to last obstacle. At this point in the race I was spent and my knees were in tremendous pain. 

Somewhere around mile 8, I really started to lean heavily on my mantra for the race which was “I Can, I Will.” The reason for this was simple. I could feel that physically my tank was nearly empty. But I knew that if I kept my head in the game, that mentally I could push through to the end. And honestly it made me think of you. It made me think of all of you amazing people that cruise into Innate each week to improve your health.

And I realized that there was a great distinction amongst you. Some of you believe you are going to get better and some of you do not. You see, in the mantra “I Can, I Will” there is that level of achieving the goal. If the mantra was changed to “I Can, I Might” there is a level of uncertainty.

So if you find yourself doubting that you’ll actually fully restore your health, I would have you consider that the first step in the process is to change your mindset around it. Start to see yourself being your healthiest self. Start to see yourself crossing the finish line, real or metaphorical.

I’ve spoken about my own health at length in previous posts and videos, but remember, I started off in chiropractic as a patient. I had very little evidence to believe that I would achieve optimal health. But once I got a little momentum, once I started to see an inkling of change, there was no looking back.

If you’re struggling with your mindset around your health, please talk to us about it. And I know it may seem silly, it may seem unrelated, but for you, it may be the one thing that can push you to the next level. And for now, take my manta of “I Can, I Will” and use it whenever you need it.  

In Health, 
Dr. Chris 


PS: We’re creating a team for the December 8th Spartan Race. If you’re interested in joining the team please let us know. Here’s the link to find out more about the race -> Los Angeles Spartan Sprint Weekend