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Immune System Flashback

Full Transcript of Immune System Video

The Human Immune System

Immunity what is it? And how do we keep it strong? Who knows right? It’s such an ambiguous question. I’m Dr. Chris from Innate Family Chiropractic. And in this four-part video series. I’m going to teach you about immunity simple things. You can do to boost it and things you should be avoiding that weaken your immune system.

So let’s start with a real basic foundational question. What is your immune system? We know we have it right but like where is it? Like we have our heart that we say OK this part of our cardiovascular system. Our brain is part of our nervous system lungs are part of the respiratory system, but your immune system is kind of a mystery and that’s because it’s all over the place.

It’s got multiple locations everything from our white blood cells to our lymphatic system to our thymus gland even our bone marrow makes up our immune system. So it’s no wonder why we’re not so clear on is location what it is how to define it but it’s super important because we all know one thing. It’s pretty easy and pretty basic. It sucks to be sick, whether it’s you or your children or someone in your family or you the worst case scenario is you all go down at the same time. It’s no fun dealing with chronic sickness or even being sick once in a while. It’s just not a good time.

So let’s talk about that immune system. Let’s talk about how we’re going to boost it up and keep it at a very high level so our immune system as I mentioned covers a wide span of our body and it’s that’s on purpose because infection or some sort of pathogen can get in from all sorts of sites. Now the most common are our ears eyes nose and throats but let’s say you have a cut on your foot could that get infected? Of course, so you need to have your immune system spread out throughout your body ready to take on any sort of attack or outside pathogen in our case.

We’ll say pathogens are germs that could be bacteria viruses mold fungus all kinds of different things. Things that you don’t want in your system now because all of these systems all these parts these organs and glands because they’re all over your system what really needs to communicate to them efficiently, is your nervous system connects to all of these organs and glands that make up your immune system.

Now, I will say this was a topic that was debated for a long time because especially in the case of like blood cells or white blood cells. It was debated as to whether the nervous system truly did have direct contact with the immune system. And this is something Chiropractic has said for a long time and they have been several studies that kind of gave us a glimpse of that. Well as of last year 2016 the University of Virginia, they figured it out now. They figured it out by accident, but who cares they figured it out and have been able to definitively prove that your nervous system directly communicates with your immune system. Now one thing just it’s 2016.

Can you believe we’re still making these huge discoveries about the body that alone is impressive to me, but it proves the thing that we’ve been saying all along that by improving your nervous system function, you will dictate and improve your immune function? So I’m really pumped that research came out. It shows that the things that We’ve been saying we’ve seen the effects. I’ll say that we’ve seen it anecdotally through results. But now we have some definitive proof which is even better.

So we need to have a high-functioning nervous system to coordinate a high-functioning immune system. So I want to read you something from the NIH the National Institute of Health and here’s what they say. They say that as long as our body’s system of defense is running smoothly. We do not notice the immune system makes sense. Right so long as everything is going well. We don’t notice it. It’s just running in the background seeing what’s in our body seeing if there are any foreign invaders or pathogens and whether or not we need to do something.

So let’s keep it at a high level so that we don’t have to notice it they go on to say and yet different groups of cells work together and form alliances against any pathogen. But illness can occur if the performance of the immune system is compromised which makes sense. right? So if something compromises our immune system, that’s when we get sick. That’s when we get a cold or flu that’s when we are basically being grounded by our body.

We’re being told. Hey, we need to do some work. We need to do some repairs. You’re going to be laid up in bed for a couple of days a week whatever it is so that we can do our job it forces you to stop. Halt in your tracks and rest basically so that whole part about the immune system being compromised. That’s what we’re going to talk about on the next video. So today you learn about parts of the immune system that the nervous system directly connects to the immune system and dictates its function. Next time we’re going to talk about the things that we commonly do that compromise our immune system. See you next time.

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