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Infant Silent Reflux and Chiropractic Care

Mom Discusses Silent Reflux & How Chiropractic Helped!

Here’s the full video transcript

Dr. Adana: Hi everybody, Dr. Adana here, and I am here with our lovely Beatrice and her beautiful baby boy Leh. She’s going to tell us a little bit about what was going on before we saw him.
Beatrice: So I think I came here when he was six weeks and he was just crying constantly I couldn’t lay him down on his back like if I would lay him down he would just scream when I was breastfeeding him he would like arch his back and like get off the nipple and it was just a struggle and just generally he seemed to be in pain. At first, I had no clue what was going on, but then I also realized when I was feeding him that he would like kind of swallow stuff down. Then after I did some research and took him to the doctor I realized that he was just swallowing the acid back down.
Dr. Adana: So what did we do initially? What did we see change? Since we’ve seen you tell me a little bit about some changes you’ve seen
Beatrice: So when I first make your appointment that was I think in Monday and he was just crying constantly and even when I walked in here and I remember talking to you and your husband he was still crying and then you were kind enough to start the treatment right away. And that evening I just noticed that he was already a bit calmer when I was breastfeeding him. Then I think it took maybe three to four treatments until I could really see he was like a different baby.
Dr. Adana: Awesome!
Beatrice: Breastfeeding was just calm and normal the way it should be. He wasn’t crying constantly anymore.
Dr. Adana: It was a little bit longer till he was able to like a nap on his own yeah? I think it was like a couple of weeks?
Beatrice: Yeah he still doesn’t like it for sleeping. I think it’s just maybe in his memory he’s still doesn’t like to be laid like this. But definitely, the reflux itself is gone. He doesn’t do the swallowing anymore. If something comes up then he just spits it up normally. Yeah, he’s just happy, and for me what’s like the first amazing thing was when I could put him under the playmat arch thing and he was just there playing and wasn’t complaining and wasn’t crying was just a happy baby.
Dr. Adana: Awesome! Tell me how does he nap? What positions does he still favor more than others? Does he like to sleep on you more?
Beatrice: In the beginning when he had the reflex he would always sleep on me, on my chest, and now I can also put him down. I usually initially put him on the belly. That’s the way he falls asleep and sometimes then I turn him on his back when he’s deeply asleep.
Dr. Adana: What’s one message you want to share with a parent who is going through the same thing?
Beatrice: For me, oh yeah,  I forgot to say he was on Zantac when we started and I didn’t like that because he was only six weeks old. And I didn’t want to give my baby medicine. For me, that was just amazing also. I stopped right away after the first treatment, with the Zantac, and would definitely start with chiropractic because its a natural, non-invasive way to treat. I don’t think we would have had this success with the Zantac or any other medicine in such a short time. And I think this is a lovely practice. And I felt welcome here as a foreigner without any family here and all my questions. For me that was awesome.

Dr. Adana: Thank you! I appreciate it!

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