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Innate Intelligence

What’s up, everyone? Dr. Chris here. And today we’re talking about Innate intelligence. It’s a term that we love so much that we named our practice Innate Family Chiropractic. So Innate Intelligence. It is an internal intelligence within your body that we all have from the moment we’re conceived to the moment. we die. We’ve got this innate intelligence running through us. So I’ll give you a couple examples if you had some food today, your body is currently processing that food.

Right, and it’s doing so without you having to think about it. Imagine like you had an apple, and the whole process of from that bite to absorption you had to think about and facilitate the whole process. Like what enzymes have to break down, you know, the fruit part of it what enzymes have to deal with the fiber or what components in your gut need to absorb and sort it to figure out what is nutrients. and what is waste.

Can you imagine how exhausting that process would be? Thank God we don’t need to do that. Because our innate intelligence is on the job facilitating these internal workings. I mean just as I’m talking to you. My heart’s beating I’m taking an are my my lungs are oxygenating it and putting it into the blood. There’s so much going on always and that’s like from a teeny tiny cell. So, innate intelligence does need one thing though. It needs no interference.

So if we interfere and block are in intelligence or suppress it somehow, then the function of our bodies going to start to decrease. You know, we talk about our body’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate and it can do that. So long as the innate intelligence is allowed to do its thing. So when we find a subluxation in the spine, then we know that’s interfering upon our innate intelligence ability to self-heal and self-regulate now, how or I should say for how long would you want to be in a state when you’re not fully self-healing and self-regulating?

The answer should be 0, 0 seconds, right? You want to be in that self-healing mode all the time because our bodies processing and dealing with stress it’s dealing with traumas dealing with so much and your body can do it through the nervous system. And that’s really where Innate lives is in that nervous system your brain your spinal cord and all the spinal nerves are the communication system of that innate intelligence. So if our nervous system is clear functioning at a hundred percent, you’re innate intelligence is going to be there for you all the time.

Pushing you towards normal function normal health. That’s what we want at all times, when we’re subluxated little by little depending how long it’s been there little by little we’re going to start to reduce the function of your body’s ability to do all the magical things that it does and if we keep staying in that process for too too long. Well, then we get into a state of what we call dis-ease and if we’re in dis he’s too long, then we could develop these things that have names that are diseases. So we don’t want to get in that state whatsoever.

That is why when we adjust we’re looking to clear out that subluxation pattern clear out your nervous system. So it’s functioning at its best. Then your innate intelligence could run your show so you can go live life without thinking. Oh, man. I gotta that Apple okay to my stomach now, let me take out the fiber. Let me, you don’t have to do any of that. You don’t worry about your beating heart. You’re digesting food, your oxygen in your blood. You don’t have to do any of it because of your innate intelligence.

So if this message resonates or you want to pass it along to someone so that they can have a better understanding of Chiropractic Care and innate intelligence. Pass it along tag them. If you like this video, we’d love for you to click that like button double-tap for a heart all that fun Social Media stuff. If you got any questions, please put them down below. We’ll get back to you ASAP. See you next time. Bye.

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