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Jamison is breathin' easy

When Jamison first entered a little Petri dish of germs..AKA preschool- he spent more days at home, than he did going to school.  He started school in September and within two weeks he was diagnosed with pneumonia.  The doctor heard wheezing in his lungs, so after a few visits back to her for his horrible cough, she put him on a nebulizer treatment.  He did not like using the chamber with the inhaler, which was fast and easy, so he would sit there twice a day for 15-20minutes using the nebulizer to take in albuterol.  From September until December, his cough and symptoms did not get any better. Not a day went by where he didn’t cough, it would be better when he wasn’t sick, but never a day without a cough.  On his worse days, he would cough to the point where he would throw up, be up all night coughing.

From September until December, we heard it might be enlarged adenoids, allergies, asthma, chronic post nasal drip.  An ENT confirmed his adenoids were enlarged but he didn’t seem to have symptoms of a child who needed his adenoids removed.  After a chest x-ray, his pediatrician said it’s asthma and wanted us to see a pulmonologist.  There were times we thought it was brought on by allergies.  At the beginning of December, after three months of nebulizer treatment, going back and forth to an ENT, getting an X-ray, being on the nebulizer for the entire time- we took him back to the doctor after another sleepless night.  This doctor decided since nothing else worked- she would put him on oral steroids for 5 days.  I was extremely reluctant to give it to him, but after 48hours of non stop coughing, I decided medicating him might be better.  After 2 days, NOTHING changed.  In a time of desperation, I sent a Facebook message to Dr. Adana at 1am!

She opened her office the next day to see Jamison, hearing the desperation in my voice.  His first adjustment of course was not a walk in the park.  This was a kid who had seen so many doctors that poked and checked him within a few months, that he was petrified of another doctor.  But by bedtime that night, he had coughed a handful of times.  I texted my mom and she couldn’t believe it.  She texted me every hour to see how he was.. and each time the duration of gaps between coughing spells increased.  We haven’t stopped going to Innate Famly Chiropractic since then.  Not only has it helped Jamison with his cough, but his congestion has gone away, he sleeps so much better at night, his appetite has increased tremendously and most importantly his immune system.  Dr. Adana and Dr. Chris have helped us understand the importance of allowing the gut to heal and taking care of it.  Jamison has not taken any medication, not even Tylenol for fevers since around March.  We have been able to hydrate him when he developed fevers and when the fevers spiked, we just monitored him until the fever broke.  Jamison takes the recommended dosage of supplements every day, which of course also help him boost his immune system.  I’m not sure where we would be without Innate! I can’t imagine any child sitting there several times a day to do the nebulizer treatment and find that it doesn’t  help. We are so thankful for what Dr. Chris and Dr. Adana have done for us – provided a healthy lifestyle Jamison and improved health !!


Jamison’s Mom