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Jenny Uses Chiropractic to Recover from Heart Surgery

Jenny Underwent Open Heart Surgery and Turned to Chiropractic to Help Her Body Recover!

Jenny had been bringing in her son Brandon to Innate Family Chiropractic for several years and had consider chiropractic care for herself at various points, but as life got busy just didn’t get around to it. Well one day she got the news that one of her heart valves needed replacing and that it would require open heart surgery. Definitely a scary day for anyone. But she mentally prepped and knew that she would be healthier on the other side.

Well the other side came and it was unpleasant. During recovery she couldn’t sleep normally, had limited range of motion, and was in a ton of pain. That was when she knew she had to do something more to speed up her recovery. One day after Brandon’s visit with Dr. Chris, Jenny asked if she too could be evaluated. We’ll leave the rest for Jenny to describe in the video above. Check it out!