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July Patients of the Month - The McKinney Family!

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Patients of the Month – Chiropractic Experience

From the moment our family walked in the door we have felt a level of care by the Innate team that we haven’t experienced anywhere else. It’s been such an answer to prayer to have such knowledgeable and incredible people fighting for our health with us. We feel such a deep sense of trust with Dr. Chris, Dr. Adana, and the team. They are always there for us in our own journey of health and wellness as a whole person and not just a quick fix for your back and out the door. They have taken so much care and time to hear us, our health goals, our health concerns, and figure out how they can best support us.

Everett (4) had a rash/skin irritation around his mouth for almost a year before any chiropractic care. We tried everything to get rid of it and tried to figure out the cause but nothing seemed to work or help. After about 6 weeks at Innate, getting adjusted twice a week, his rash disappeared!! It’s been about 3 months since it’s been gone and no sign of its return! We also had an unexpected benefit with Everett receiving chiropractic care, after a couple of weeks we (and extended family) noticed his ability to regulate emotions and his ability to bounce back quicker after something disappointing had happened!

Sunday (2) had eczema down his legs and on his belly and we had tried all the lotions and switched all the soaps and laundry detergent and it still wouldn’t budge. After about a month of chiropractic care & some guidance on his nutrition from Dr. Chris and Adana, his eczema is gone and he has had no flare-ups! Being the rambunctious 2 years old he is, it feels so good to know that no matter how rough he plays his body will be adjusted and back to functioning at an optimal level!

As a mom, the fact that I have these two incredible humans (Dr. Adana & Dr. Chris) on my team to guide me through a holistic approach to my babies’ health is absolutely priceless and we feel so lucky to have them in our lives.

Wendell is on the journey of healing a long-time back injury and for the first time in years feels hopeful that it’s being properly taken care of!!!

I (Amy) have woken up with headaches every morning for months before any chiropractic care. Once I started going to Innate they have basically stopped! I also use to have chronic hip, knee, and ankle pain and that has truly just gone away. It’s incredible.

We feel so blessed to have been able to find this Innate family and so fortunate to be a part of it. One of the greatest decisions and investments we have ever made.

If you know anyone who would like to start Chiropractic Care, please let them know we are here for them! If you have any questions, use the button below to contact us and we’ll get to you asap.

Patients of the Month