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June Patient of the Month - Rachel!!

Here is some backstory to Rachel’s journey with Chiropractic.

Before Chiropractic: “Before I started care I thought I was pretty healthy overall. I believed that some aches, pains, and minor mental health issues were normal. I never question these things. I ate well and exercised and thought I was doing everything I needed to be doing to be healthy. I was living a pretty holistic life but was still missing something to take my health to the next level.”

After Chiropractic: “I am so excited about my health today and now that I’m here I can look back and realize I was not as healthy as I thought I was. Since targeting my vertigo, I haven’t had an attack, mild or extreme. No migraines and my anxiety has lessened. I have been able to fall asleep faster and I haven’t been as worried about things that would cause my anxiety.”

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