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Karine, Sossy, Sara & Dalita - Healthy Together

Our journey to health began when Sara was diagnosed with Vertigo. We visited many doctors and specialists to find out the causes or how to prevent it, but all of the answers and explanations we received were very vague. After researching many pediatric chiropractors, we finally found a suitable one, Innate Family Chiropractic.

A week after Sara started the adjustments, she started feeling better and didn’t experience dizziness. After witnessing how the adjustments helped Sara we wanted to take part of that journey to a better health as well. From the very beginning, the Innate Family has given us love, health, and joy. You truly feel welcomed into a whole new family with Innate. No matter what kind of health issues or questions you may have, they have the answer and the treatment. They are always ready to listen and to educate you to make better, healthy choices.

Through adjustment our health became better! Even minor injuries that Sara and Dalita have faced from their active lives have been healed through Dr. Chris’ and Dr. Adana’s adjustments.

We are truly blessed to have found the whole Innate team, so THANK YOU Dr. Chris, Dr. Adana, Sam, and Kari! WE LOVE YOU!

With love,

Karine, Sossy, Sara & Dalita

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