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Lois, the Cleanse Champ!

Hey all!

I love coming in for the Innate experience, how many people can regularly say “I love going to the Doctors”? The adjustments help my body feel better as well as the wonderful positive karma that surrounds you during your visit.

At age 5, I caught polio,  spent 6 months in the hospital and 2 years outpatient. I have had several operations to help; 2 muscle transplants and 4 years ago a total hip replacement. My aches and pains come from loss of muscle strength and arthritis. Both effect my walking, which causes some discomfort. I wear a brace that helps with walking and my balance.

Thanks to all the healthiness of adjustments and the cleanse, I have been gone back to doing yoga and other exercise.

I decided to take part in the 21 day cleanse and I am so glad I did. The whole Innate team made it a positive time. If I had any questions, I could call and get immediate help. The FaceBook group and all the postings made the journey easier with the sharing of ideas. This cleanse method was fun while my body felt better. Clearer skin, much less aches and pains, loss some weight and I felt good. I even enjoyed the vegetarian section. Amazing, because I love my various meats.

Thinking of doing the cleanse?? I say do it and have fun. It’s easier to do than you think.

Thank you to Dr. Adana and Dr. Chris for helping me have less aches in my shoulders, hips and back. Big shout out to the whole Innate Team and Sam inspires support and makes it easy to see the two awesome doctors.

Cheers, Lois