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Looking for Relief

Cynthia was Looking for Relief

I came in to Innate originally to see if I could get relief from a low-grade pain in my neck and back, numbness in my leg, etc. Massages only gave me relief for the day and no real results from seeing my primary physician. After regular adjustments over the past few months at Innate Family Chiropractic, I have seen HUGE shifts in my body—including relief from my neck and back pain. Recently, I noticed my fatigue and insomnia were becoming more frequent, and my memory was getting even worse. Dr. Adana suggested a cleanse as a ‘reset’ to jump start my healing.

When I first heard cleanse, my first thought was, “No! I can’t just replace my meals with shakes!” So mature, I might as well have stomped my feet. But Dr. Adana calmly explained the shakes and supplements are in addition to meals, not replacing them. I thought about it and decided to take the plunge as my list of health complaints was only growing. The first day was the hardest. I was starving, or so I thought. By eating Vegan (minus the bread/pasta), I could clearly see how little fresh veggies and fruit I had been consuming. By day 3, I was not suffering from fatigue in the afternoons, sleeping better at night, and my skin was glowing (an unexpected bonus). The benefits have continued since, and I am happy to report that even my sense of smell has returned!

I feel as though I am learning to recognize the signals my body has been sending for some time. Thank you Sam, Dr. Chris and Dr. Adana for helping me listen and give my body what it needs!



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