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Martinez Family Gets Adjusted!

Our journey to a healthier lifestyle began on May 2015, when my son Alex at 7 months old was referred to Innate Family Chiropractic by his Naturopathic Md. Alex was a premature baby born at 35 weeks. Upon delivering, he had trouble breathing on his own. Alex did stop breathing for a few seconds and required the medical staff to stimulate his breathing with a bag and mask. He was then transferred to the NICU. Alex remained in the NICU for three days prior to being discharged. He did not show any signs of having respiratory problems again until he was two months. Alex continued having what I called “The scary respiratory episode” which was a cough, difficulty breathing and his face/mouth turning bluish/purple. Every single month, he would be sick. Alex was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, reactive airway disease and asthma. The pulmonologist even suggested to start him with steroids to help alleviate his respiratory issues. At this point, I decided to take him to see a Naturopathic Doctor. On his first appointment, the Naturopathic Doctor recommended chiropractic care. I was a bit doubtful of taking him to see a chiropractor because I did not understand how this treatment would help with his immune system and respiratory problems. I had nothing to lose, so I called and made an appointment not only for my son but also for my two daughters, Zitlaly and Haylee, who also had health problems such as allergies, digestive/constipation, eczema and Haylee constantly getting sick.

On their first chiropractic consultation, we met with Dr. Adana. She explained chiropractic care and the benefits of adjustments. My three kids received their first scans. We then met with Dr. Chris and he explained the scan results. At this point, we decided to move forward and start chiropractic care for my three kids. A few weeks later, my husband and I decided to also become patients of Innate Family Chiropractic.

It has been almost two years now since my entire family started receiving chiropractic care. There are no words that can describe how grateful we are with Dr. Adana, Dr. Chris and Sam. Alex has not had ANY respiratory issues for OVER A YEAR!!!  His immune system is very strong now!! Once in a while he catches a cold that only last a day or two, but no more “scary respiratory episodes”, no more emergency room visits or hospitalizations!! Both of my daughters allergies are gone, their digestive issues have improved and the eczema has cleared up. I have also noticed wonderful results with my health—better sleep, no more migraines and I rarely get sick.

Dr. Chris and Dr. Adana are very attentive during our visits and always answer all of my questions. They have helped us make several lifestyle changes to become a healthier family.

We are beyond pleased to be part of the Innate Family team. My kids and I always look forward to seeing Dr. Chris, Dr. Adana, Sam and of course little Amaya every week!!

Martinez Family