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May Business of the Month

Maia Caravantes

Why Maia?

Who doesn’t love a new fresh haircut, or some awesome color added to their locks?

At Innate, we sure love getting our hair done … and all love going to one phenomenal gal!

Maia Caravantes is our Innate teams hair stylist, and May’s Business of the Month.  Yup, that’s right, everyone one of us sees Maia, and we collectively have been seeing her for 6+ years now.

Not only is Maia an amazing hairstylist, pays such close attention to detail, but she has such an incredible calm and joyous vibe to her.  You never leave the salon without a smile.

On top of being the best hairstylist for Team Innate, Maia is, and has been a chiropractic patient for the past 6+ years herself! She understands the importance of her Wellness adjustments, and strives to constantly better her health and well being.  (Oh, and she’s always got awesome snacks around.  She’s my almond provider when i’m hungry :)

She is located in a great salon in Montrose called April Ray Salon, and if you’re in the hunt for a stylist, she is your gal.

Thank you for being a part of our glam squad, and making sure we’re always looking our best.