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Morning Meditation

Dr. Chris talks about all the benefits of morning meditation in this short video. Give it a quick watch to learn more!


What’s up? My Innate VIPs just want to give you a pro tip piggybacking off of the video on Monday of Dr. Adana talking about HRV’s, Stress, Adaptability. So, if you haven’t watched that video, check-in your email or your inbox from Monday, it’ll say something about if you’re running on an empty tank or head over to our Instagram, and is posted there in our IGTV section. You’ll see the whole thing there. I think it’s even probably on YouTube. So watch that video, going off of that if you know if you’ve seen your HRV scores recently, or maybe you haven’t ever done that test with us here, but if you’re getting this video you likely have but let’s say you haven’t.

Just practicing this simple thing will help and it may seem counterintuitive. But here’s what I want to do. I want you to carve out some time. If you don’t already do this and meditate in the morning meditation. Is a fantastic way to start to move that little box from let’s say the orange zone or the yellow zone up into that green zone that’s going to be a simple tool that you can use to start to change that. This is a well-researched thing that people that either do some sort of very intentional breathwork or meditation improve their heart rate variability scores.

So you can use this in a very simple way and to do this. I’m going to ask you to do it in the morning, which may mean this is the uncomfortable part. You may have to wake up earlier. Yes, I would like you to wake up earlier sleepless to make some time for meditation and it seems like well, then I’m going to be more tired like all the stories all the excuses. All that stuff is going to creep in but it is far better to do that thing do the meditation first thing in the morning than to say I’ll do it after the kids go to bed or before I go to you’re going to fall asleep.

That’s the reality of it. And look at the beginning you may even fall asleep during the morning meditations. I know that but you’re going to be less likely to get into that deep sleep mode. If you get up do some activity do some moving around grab some water do whatever have a cup of coffee if you need to and then do your morning meditation. So taking that extra time for yourself is going to help to improve your heart rate variability score and who cares about the or that little white box is yes.

It’s an indicator. It’s a metric we can use that overall. The means is that you’re going to get healthier you’re going to be adapting better to stress and by doing it in the morning. It helps set your mindset and you’re how your level of reaction for the rest of the day. If you’re doing it at the end of the day to like just decompress from the day. That’s good, too. There’s obviously validity and that maybe do both but I would really push you to wake up a little earlier hit that alarm. If you’re using the SleepyTime app, which I’ve talked about multiple times that will help you to set your alarm. Maybe a little earlier than yours.

To but it will put you in that frame of mind to like, okay, I’m up. I’m gonna meditate if you never meditated before start with the guided meditation. Go on YouTube go on, you know, whatever wherever you listen to music whatever platform you use to type in a guided meditation and you’ll find a bunch of examples find one that I like resonates with you and start at 4 minutes start at 5 minutes start low and then build up. Maybe you want to be in that 10 to 15-minute range, whatever it feels right for you. As you’re in it give it time to be patient with it.

But if you start your day this way waking up meditating you’re going to see that change and how your day goes if you’re consistent with it and will then be able to see that change on your HRV score. So that’s your Insider tip for being on our VIP list. If you want to add anyone to our VIP list forward them this email have them email us have them text us will add them to the list, but they need to be invited by You anyway, if you have any questions on this, please let me know. You can reply directly to this email for any questions or next time you’re in the office. You can obviously talk to us about it as well. See you next week. Bye.


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