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Dr. Mom and Dr. Dad Fail- Parenting and Chiropractic

Dr. Chris and Dr. Adana discuss their fail on a Parenting and Chiropractic level.


What’s up, everyone? Dr. Chris, Dr. Adana. And we’re going to tell you about a parenting fail. We had over the weekend with our lovely child. Yup, super Dr. Mom. and Dr. Dad fail. So we were in Palm Desert all weekend super fabulous to just kind of getaway chill be poolside. And yeah soak up some vitamin D have some good family time with some great friends and we were driving back. Before we say that part. In the middle of the night we co-sleep. So that means there’s a little person between us. Yeah, we have been share whatever term is most appropriate. So we’re used to like, okay she moves around she kicks, she flails.

This was another level like flailing like crazy just like hitting us I was getting kicked head-butted. It was a whole, like every 60 to 90 seconds. Yeah, there’s a lot I guess he’s not it was not typical. So we looked around and like we To take out some of the other factors like we’re at home we sleep in like pitch black. Oh, you can’t see your hand and there was some light coming in so like okay, let me let’s figure out how to get these other lights taken care of, and then we thought news just too hot. Yeah like so let’s get some blankets off of her, take some socks off whatever, and then at some point of this. Charade going on, we remembered she said my neck hurts because she was watching a video and she happened to sit with her head like this. So she sent her neck hurt in the car because now she’s in the middle.

So her little iPad or phone holder that she’ll use once in a while I was there. We didn’t adjust her! What lame-o’s we are. We said it in the car and hey when we get back to the house, let’s adjust her. So in the middle of the night, we woke her up, Chris adjusted her I just kind of had my hands on her feet. She went back to sleep. And didn’t move. Literally wanted to punch each other because the first thing we said we were going to do and then we got distracted. We got back to the house where I jumped in the pool and you know, just kind of kept going on with our day. But it was such a Duh thing. We wanted to make this video to A, encourage you to always get adjusted but B, to also confess and let you know like sometimes it happens like sometimes as parents we forget to do the most basic thing like for us the most basic thing is to adjust, I say basic in the way of like well duh we’re gonna adjust her were the chiropractor’s but even we forgot to do something like that.

So next time something happens with plenty of kids or even with yourself just take a minute and think like what’s simple but that’s going to make the most massive difference and then go from there. Yep. And yeah, we just bonked each other on the head for that. So if your kiddos are feeling that level of discomfort maybe they need an adjustment, and it may not be in the context of sleep. Maybe they just are super fidgety can’t focus can’t whatever and you just feel like they’re physically not where they should be. Maybe they just need an adjustment for sure. Let us know. See ya!

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