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I Love Being a Pasadena Chiropractor

I Love Being a Pasadena Chiropractor

When you look around Innate Family Chiropractic you will start to notice that we take the family part seriously and it starts with our location. I love being a Pasadena Chiropractor, and it isn’t just because its such an amazing city.

Dr. Adana and I chose to be Pasadena Chiropractors because it made us accessible to both of our families. My parents live in West Covina, and her parents live in Burbank. Pasadena became the clear front runner for this reason. Both of our sisters also live nearby and are able to come in regularly for their chiropractic care.

In a business sense Pasadena might not make sense. Do a quick google search for “Pasadena Chiropractor” and you’ll find a ton of practices. But that didn’t matter to us. We love being able to take care of our families and be active participants in their health. This is great news for you and here’s why. When we sit down to review your initial findings and make our recommendations for you, we are giving you the same level of chiropractic care that we deliver to our own moms! We understand the tremendous impact that chiropractic care can have in your health, because we’ve seen it in our families.

So the real reason that we call ourselves Innate FAMILY Chiropractic, is because when you start care with us, we work hard to treat you like a part of our family. Whether Pasadena is home for you, or you’re traveling here from Glendale, Arcadia, San Marino, Altadena, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Monrovia or Los Angeles, just know that you’ll be treated like family here!

If you’re ready to find out what our Chiropractic Care is all about, head over to New Patients page and let’s get the process started.