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April Patient of the Month!! - The Nuss Family

Patient of the Month – The Nuss Family!!

When Autumn came to Innate she had chronic upper back pain.  This had been previously misdiagnosed as side-effects from raising kids.  The X-rays made it very clear that there was something more sinister at work.  Dr.’s Chris and Adana put together a treatment plan and we are happy to report that after several months of chiropractic care the chronic pain has all but disappeared!

Similarly, Mike came to Innate with chronic neck stiffness and pain, as well as lower back discomfort.  The X-ray made it clear that an old sports injury had actually caused the bones in his neck to begin growing in a strange way.  His treatment is in progress but he is already noticing significant improvements!

Audrey (4) and Harrison (1.5) have also benefited from their Chiropractic care!  Their immune systems are strong (they are almost never sick), and they sleep better and complain less of growing pains since beginning their treatments.