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Chiropractic for a Natural Birth


Pregnancy Chiropractic 

My chiropractic journey began in preparation for pregnancy. My husband and I had talked for a little while about getting me in to see his chiropractors knowing from experience the degree to which his work with them had helped him and the benefits it provides especially during pregnancy. My lifestyle of a clean, paleo diet and exercise focused on HIIT training, toning, yoga, and pilates was my longtime foundation and something that would continue through pregnancy, but with all the changes my body was about to experience, we wanted to “load our arsenal” per se, to ensure as great a pregnancy as possible.


Our plan was to have a little head start on my chiropractic work before conception, but at my first appointment, I was already a couple of weeks pregnant. As the pregnancy progressed, I could instantly see improvements that I could attribute to the chiropractic visits because I hadn’t changed anything else about my lifestyle. I noticed myself having more restful nights of sleep, any overextension of muscles or joints resolved itself much faster, and I could swear sometimes that I felt my body becoming more aligned as I noticed fewer and fewer differences between functions on my right and left sides especially during workouts.


In the later months of pregnancy, as typical aches, pains and discomforts could arise, I never experienced any of them. Round ligament pain, lack of energy, poor sleep – none of it came about and I know chiropractic care helped ensure that outcome. In my final weeks, as the pressure on joints and my back intensified, every visit to Innate was like a lovely little reset for my body.


Almost a week after my due date, getting antsy, my husband and I stopped into Innate as usual, and upon parting Dr. Chris casually mentions, “Hey a lot of moms get adjusted and then go into labor that night, so here’s hoping.” that’s exactly what happened.


The personal care and genuine interest that everyone at the practice exhibits is truly special. My labor progressed quite quickly with contractions but not with total dilation and optimal fetal positioning. Beyond anything I could have ever expected, we inquired about the possibility of a visit and Dr. Adana showed up shortly thereafter to adjust me through 5 contractions. In all likelihood, that was the tipping point that helped everything else we were doing at the Birth Center to get me over the hump to where I could finally push for delivery. Three hours later, our beautiful baby boy Reid was born.


With every intention of getting Reid scanned and adjusted the following week after his birth, it turned out we had a need for Dr. Adana and her special hands earlier than we planned. She was again so generous with her time and care to pay us a home visit and adjust Reid through some G.I. issues and help a mama out too. Hours later, we could tell his first adjustment had made a huge impact on helping him through digestion, bringing such relief to our happy little boy.


With Innate, it’s never been about just being adjusted and going on our day. Words can’t express how thankful we are for everything they’ve done for us, not least of all being the knowledge that we’re ensuring greater health and well-being through our chiro care. We are so excited to bring Reid in as another member of the Innate family with complete confidence that this is going to help give him the best start in life.